Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So There's The Culprit!

Ever had a "Mystery Hole" dug in your garden, beside your A/C pad, or up under your deck? Here in Texas, no matter how urban the area is people associate that type of digging with armadillos. Not so says the skunk in this IR picture!
This little guy/girl has been creating havoc for a condo HOA in Clear Lake. It's digging habits started over a month ago, and were so vast homeowners were sure this was a person vandalizing their living space!


  1. We had a problem with skunks coming through the cat door we had for our garage and eating their food at night. We discovered it was really the entrance for a Disney movie as there was a steady line of racoons, skunks, you name it coming in for free food!

    Solution? We sealed the cat door.

  2. Haha, wow! That's one of those things you think never happens in real life. But I guess animals will always find a way to get to free food.